Core Progression Franchise

Time To Get Started
Steps to Opening Your Own Core Progression Franchise
1. Qualification

A brief Questionnaire supplies us with a bit of essential information about you. We’ll follow up with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), providing vital facts and information about us!

2. Initial Call

A scheduled phone call allows us to get better acquainted. We’d like hear what you’re looking for in a business opportunity and tell you more about our system, the industry, and the strategy behind the success of Core Progression Elite Personal Training.

3. Business Model Review

Join us for a visual, informative webinar. Approximately thirty minutes in the length, this webinar offers an in-depth look into the brand, business model, our support, marketing programs, and much more.

4. FDD Review

The Franchise Disclosure Document confirms a complete knowledge and understanding of the business opportunity. We provide the details of protocols, investment levels, and detailed financial performance for our open locations.

5. Clearance Call

Have a conversation with a member of our executive team. Pending a successful call, we invite you to meet us at Discovery Day.

6. Discovery Day

We invite those candidates who’ve continued to demonstrate promise as a potential partner to Colorado to Discover Day. Meet our Corporate team. Tour our studios. Get a close-up look at the inner workings. Spend time with the founders.

7. Executive Interview

We finish up with a few more questions, providing our executive team with sufficient information to decide whether or not to award a franchise agreement.

8. Franchise Awarded

If we are both feeling enthusiastic about working with each other and remain committed to a successful partnership, we happily say, “Congratulations!” and welcome you into our family as a Core Progression Elite Personal Training franchise owner!


“The support from Jon and the team has been amazing. He has been a great partner through the franchise process. We’ve had a lot of good communication, and he’s very actively involved in making sure I succeed.”
Danielle Ellis – Franchise Owner

Personal Trainer & Personal Training Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, Boulder, CO, Austin, TX & Downtown Denver, CO

Personal Trainer Arvada, CO & Personal Training Northglenn, CO

Personal TrainerPersonal Training ∴ Austin, TX ∴ Boulder, CO ∴ Arvada, CO



“You have the 1:1 benefits of working with skilled trainers and aren’t paying exorbitant prices.”


“If you are looking to shake up your workouts – this is the place. I’ve been thrilled with the personal training and the results I am seeing.”