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Are you interested in introducing your community to elite personal training? Core Progression Elite Personal Training helps you to pursue an ideal fit and investment. We guide you through the important steps to owning a franchise. Let’s get started!

Steps to Opening Your Own Core Progression Franchise

1. Qualification

A brief Questionnaire supplies us with a bit of essential information about you. We’ll follow up with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), providing vital facts and information about us!

2. Initial Call

A scheduled phone call allows us to get better acquainted. We’d like hear what you’re looking for in a business opportunity and tell you more about our system, the industry, and the strategy behind the success of Core Progression Elite Personal Training.

3. Business Model Review

Join us for a visual, informative webinar. Approximately thirty minutes in the length, this webinar offers an in-depth look into the brand, business model, our support, marketing programs, and much more.

4. FDD Review

The Franchise Disclosure Document confirms a complete knowledge and understanding of the business opportunity. We provide the details of protocols, investment levels, and detailed financial performance for our open locations.

5. Clearance Call

Have a conversation with a member of our executive team. Pending a successful call, we invite you to meet us at Discovery Day.

6. Discovery Day

We invite those candidates who’ve continued to demonstrate promise as a potential partner to Colorado to Discover Day. Meet our Corporate team. Tour our studios. Get a close-up look at the inner workings. Spend time with the founders.

7. Executive Interview

We finish up with a few more questions, providing our executive team with sufficient information to decide whether or not to award a franchise agreement.

8. Franchise Awarded

If we are both feeling enthusiastic about working with each other and remain committed to a successful partnership, we happily say, “Congratulations!” and welcome you into our family as a Core Progression Elite Personal Training franchise owner!


“The support from Jon and the team has been amazing. He has been a great partner through the franchise process. We’ve had a lot of good communication, and he’s very actively involved in making sure I succeed.”

Danielle Ellis

Franchise Owner

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