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Core Progression utilizes customized healthy nutritional programs, with weekly ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even tasty desserts. The program even creates your personalized grocery list, making meal prep a breeze.

Reach Your Nutrition Goals


Get educational support to help you lose weight and get healthy with in-person diet analysis and online programs.

Reach Your Nutrition Goals


Our online programs take the stress out of meal prep that customize fresh and healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tailored to your personal taste.

Reach Your Nutrition Goals

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Our nutrition program is designed to provide members with a comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving their nutritional goals. Upon joining, each member undergoes a thorough nutrition evaluation to gain insights into their current dietary habits, health concerns, and individual needs. This evaluation forms the foundation for establishing specific nutritional goals tailored to their unique circumstances.

Based on the evaluation results, our team of nutrition experts creates a custom nutrition program that aligns with the member’s lifestyle, preferences, and dietary requirements. The program takes into account factors such as weight management, improved energy levels, optimal nutrient intake, and any specific dietary restrictions or allergies. With a focus on long-term success, the program is designed to be sustainable and adaptable, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into the member’s daily routine.

To provide ongoing support and accountability, members also receive weekly nutrition coaching check-in calls. These calls serve as a valuable opportunity for members to discuss their progress, address any challenges, and receive guidance and motivation from our knowledgeable nutrition coaches. The coaching aims to empower members with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed dietary choices, overcome obstacles, and maintain their momentum towards their goals.

Our nutrition program combines the benefits of personalized evaluation, custom programming, and regular coaching check-ins to create a holistic approach to nutrition and overall wellness. Whether the goal is weight loss, improved energy levels, or overall health enhancement, our program provides the guidance, support, and expertise necessary to make sustainable changes and achieve long-term success in nutrition and well-being.

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