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Core Progression brings health and fitness to the workplace. We provide the personalized services, education, and tools to improve corporate wellness. Partnering with Core Progression protects your bottom line while increasing employee productivity. Through personalized training, we help to lower healthcare costs, prevent diseases, enhance morale, and foster a thriving work environment. More importantly, we improve the quality of life for your team.

A Corporate Wellness Program With You In Mind

Choose Core Progression for a corporate wellness program catered to the specific requirements of both the individuals and the group. We’ve created a revolutionary, proven-effective, science-based program. The integration of customized personal training, education, and nutrition counseling supports the beginner as well as the fitness enthusiast. Taking the time to familiarize ourselves with your team, we match your style to the perfect degree-certified trainer.

Keep the workplace happy and healthy with a corporate wellness program from Core Progression!

Core Progression is committed to a positive and rewarding experience. We are not a big-box gym with inflated memberships and no time for the individual. Through personalized attention and results-driven training, we achieve not only immediate but sustainable success. Our unique and innovative corporate wellness program provides your organization a competitive boost to attract and retain a healthy, happy, and loyal workforce.

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