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About Core Progression

Jon Cerf, the founder of Core Progression, graduated Baylor University with his B.S. in Exercise Science. His passion for fitness led him to a job at 24 Hour Fitness. He quickly noticed the deficiencies of a generic approach. With large, corporate gyms prioritizing quantity over quality, personal training becomes an afterthought. The focus on profit to the exclusion of client fulfillment actually results in the opposite of both.

About Core Progression and Our Owner

Seeing an opportunity for improvement, Jon targeted customer service, results, and cleanliness as the core values of a customized personal training centric studio. The first Core Progression got its start out of Jon’s apartment in 2008. In 2010, the first studio opened in Westminster, CO, and within a year, expanded to Northglenn CO. Core Progression now includes a state-of-the-art Headquarters and territories throughout Colorado, Texas, and California. As quality, affordable personal training continues to improve health, strength, and quality of life, entrepreneurs and fitness experts from across the country are seeking franchise opportunities.

Core Progression concentrates on personal training, wellness, and fitness.

Our main emphasis is on a one-on-one experience. Our personal trainers provide unequalled rewards via results-driven training, education, and nutritional counseling. Including weight loss, muscle gain, sports training, physical therapy, youth fitness, pageant preparation, bridal fitness, fitness competitions, and more, Core Progression achieves the personal goals of our members. Through satisfaction and success, we continue to thrive.

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