Nothing is off limits!

Core Certified staff will work with you to create a custom Total Wellness Plan based on your needs. Outside of your plan, all of the 12 total Core Programs are available! Want to mix in some yoga or a massage? Give it a go!


We’re proud to offer a wide range of total body fitness plans. From traditional weight loss to nutrition counseling, we’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your specific needs. Due to the custom nature of our plans, pricing may vary. Ready to experience our different approach to fitness?

Physical Training

Weight Loss

Are you interested in how to lose weight? Or are you stuck in the same old rut and find yourself unable to lose weight fast? Core Progression can give you the tools you need in order to get healthy and achieve results to become the best version of yourself.

Muscle Gain

Are you interested in putting on size and building muscle in a healthy natural way that can be sustained long term through eating right and a customized workout plan?

Sports Training

Calling all athletes with the passion and drive to take your game to the next level! Our sports training programs are sure to make you faster, stronger, and even more agile to prepare you for the upcoming sport season. Whether it be football, soccer, track or whatever your sport may be, Core Progression can help.

Bridal Fitness

Let Core Progression get you wedding dress ready and help you relieve some of the stress of all the planning and details.


Core Progression has been an industry leader in getting pageant competitors ready for years. Get your body and abs stage-ready with the customized diet and weight-loss prep programs we offer.

Youth Fitness

Core Progression provides safe training programs for aspiring young athletes to help them excel, be healthy and have fun while working out!

Wellness and Recovery

Massage Therapy

Whether you have sore painful muscles or just need some relaxation time, our massage therapists at Core Progression can help promote health and wellness. You are sure to reap the benefits from even just one session.


Come see one of our chiropractic professionals on-site to help with any pain. Whether it be your joints, neck, back, or even if you're struggling with headaches, our chriropractic team can help ensure proper alignment in order to maximize your workous and optimize training.

Physical Therapy

On site access to first-class physical therapy treatments focusing on stretching exercises for pain relief and to promote healing of injury.


Scheduling and Meal Prep

Core Progression utilizes customized healthy nutritional programs, with weekly ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even tasty desserts. The program even creates your personalized grocery list, making meal prep a breeze.


Get educational support to help you lose weight and get healthy with in-person diet analysis and online programs.


Our online programs take the stress out of meal prep that customize fresh and healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tailored to your personal taste.

Ready For Results?

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