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Weight Loss

Brian came to Core Progression with one question on his mind, how can I make sure I am around for my wife and kids? Over the next 40lbs of weight loss we helped Brian find this answer for himself. Not only did he come in ready to go each and every time but he made sure to keep his nutrition front of mind as we went on this amazing journey together.

As a former collegiate athlete Jeanine knew it would take some work getting back to the size she was right out of college. Jeanine played D1 volleyball and soccer, this meant that she still had a lot of muscle but we needed to strip away the layer of fat hiding her beautiful transformation. Through proper nutrition and exercise with the right guidance she did it! Jeanine made it back to the size she was getting out of college.

Kara is a rock star! She came to Core Progression with the same goal that most of our members have, to lose a few pounds and tone her body. In her 50s she wanted to feel amazing in her two piece bathing suite. With the help of our custom personal training plan Kara put in the work and look at her now!

Kim was a great dancer but she wanted to get ready for the Broncos cheer tryouts. Having worked with many cheerleaders already Kim knew we could get her ready. Not only did Kim see an amazing transformation in her body, she saw her dancing improve drastically after toning up and getting in the best shape of her life.

Muscle Gain

Not all of our female members are looking to have rock hard arms with some sweet guns but what a transformation it was to take part in! I think the before and after speaks for itself but look at the confidence in her face. No longer is she trying to hide, she is now ready for the world!

60lbs, yes 60lbs later and John is healthier than he has been in years. He didn’t start out trying to get ripped or deadlift over 300lbs, he came to us to see results. Once those results showed through John had the confidence to keep going on his incredible weight loss journey. John has toned up, added muscle and created a new life for himself working with our trainers. We are still so proud of you John!


After losing 8 percent body fat, 20lbs and creating a new outlook on life Norma met her goals and has since set new ones. Norma came in looking to tone up and get healthy, as with most of our members she exceeded her goals while seeing no end in sight! Would you want to stop seeing a before and after picture like that?

Sports Training
Kim, Gabby, Alex, and Haley

We loved helping the 4 get ready for the Broncos and make the team! Working with Kim, Gabby, Alex, and Haley was amazing, they put in the work, followed the custom nutrition plans, and the results speak for themselves. It was a great experience getting them ready for tryouts and the calendar shoot.

Ralston Valley High School
Ralston Valley High School trusted Core Progression to help with their off season and strength programs. The program utilized Core Progression getting this team of impeccable athletes ready to win.

North High School
North High School entrusted Core Progression to help all summer with their speed and strength program, this helped take them to the next level of performance on and off the field.

Bridal Fitness

Can we say altered dress! Yes we can and so can Melissa! She knew that she only had one chance at her big day and trusted Core Progression to help her make an incredible transformation. After working with us to get into shape we could not believe it when she came in and said that she had to actually alter the dress she achieved such amazing results! We are so thankful that Melissa trusted us enough to help her get ready for her Wedding day.

Jennifer and Jonathan
Jennifer and Jonathan have become the ultimate power couple. They worked with us to make sure they saw results for their wedding. As the big day was fast approaching we knew they where right for each other through teamwork and pushing each other. Through our training and nutritional program they did it, reaching fantastic results for the big day!


Miss Colorado winner Chole Brown needed to get ready for her nationally televised miss USA pageant and she trusted us enough with her transformation. Through hard work and nutrition in addition to personal training we helped her get toned up for the stage. Look at how amazing she looked!

Kylie started at Core Progression competing for miss Colorado USA and had an amazing transformation getting 3 rd place in the pageant. She has since gone on to win several titles including miss Colorado US International, and now is the current Mrs. Washington international USA. Even though she lives out of state Kylie still uses our online programs and nutritional plans to look amazing.

Youth Fitness

Hunter was a freshman when we first started working with him at Horizon high school. He has increased his 40 time and all of his lifting power for football dramatically. Now as a sophomore he’s been able to be on JV team as a starter and his quickness and explosiveness is incredible to watch.


Liz came to Core Progression before her first child Eli, and we helped her during her pregnancy as well as after, She’s had two children now and looks amazing. Coming up with a plan that met her schedule and fitness goals was the key to her success.


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