Core Progression Personal Training

Core Progression Elite Personal Training offers 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions of either partner, small group or one-on-one training.

Our trainers develop a custom plan which includes nutrition counseling to help you reach your individual fitness goals no matter what they may be.

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Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private Personal Training is Personal Training shared with 1 to 4 other people. This is personal training, not a group class. With Semi Private Personal training you will get individualized attention to your goals, Nutritional Coaching, Monthly Body Fat testing, Circumference and performance tracking as well as personal accountability. You may be trained by several different trainers, but will have a specific Head Trainer assigned to you to ensure that the team is working together to achieve your specific goal. It will be offered as 30 Minute sessions but can be stacked to create 60 Minute sessions.


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Core Progression