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Why is Core Progression Elite Personal Training more than just a “place to exercise”?  We provide personal training options that enable us to provide the ultimate training experience to help YOU reach your unique goals.

What is exercise vs training:

Exercise: The general non-specific movement in the pursuit of a non-specific goal.

Training: Following a progressive system in order to achieve a long-term specific goal.


  • If you don’t have a plan, walking into a gym with a rough idea, but not a specific regiment.
  • Don’t have a quantifiable goal, look better, feel better, lose weight are non-specific.
  • Checking the boxes because you want to be healthy, look better, it’s good for you etc.
  • Workouts are predicated on how you feel.
  • Chose exercises based on how you feel.
  • Just trying to burn calories.
  • Only train muscles you can see in the mirror.
  • Skipping a workout doesn’t really matter.
    Good options for someone just wanting to exercise. 
  • Improve general health.
  • Only want to lose weight.
  • Just getting started.


  • You have a plan, each session is building to achieve a long-term goal.
  • You are performance oriented.
  • Recovery is a priority.
  • Data helps determine progress.
  • Consistency is key.
  • You know why you are doing an exercise.
    Good options for training
  • Goal by a deadline.
  • Want to be stronger.
  • Trying to grow muscle.
  • Need to see progress.

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