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At Core Progression Elite Personal Training, we’re focused on helping you reach your goals through personalized training plans, as well as nutritional counseling and wellness education. Core Progression: not just another place to workout but the ultimate training experience in a private studio that gives you the attention and focus you deserve to achieve unparalleled results.

Your Personal Fitness Expert
What is Core Progression?

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Core Progression Elite Personal Training focuses on personal training, wellness, and fitness. We take a customized approach to each client’s needs and goals. Our mission is to change your life for the better through affordable personal training. We are not a big box gym looking to sign up as many clients as possible. We are unwilling to sacrifice quality for quantity and have created our program in response to ineffective and generic group training methods.

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Dedicated to Wellness

Your Source for Personal and Semi-Private Fitness Training

Core Progression Elite Personal Training offers personal and semi-private training. We are committed to your success. Our revolutionary personal training program welcomes and caters to men and women, little league teams, college students, professional athletes, bodybuilders, and retirees. Included in our science based training, we offer nutrition plans, monthly body fat testing, performance tracking, and personal accountability. Our cutting-edge facilities are clean, well-maintained, and welcoming. At Core Progression Elite Personal Training, we provide a clear and smooth path to better health and fitness.

Reach Your Goals

Focused on Personal Training, Wellness & Fitness

At Core Progression Elite Personal Training, we give you the attention you deserve. Let us get to know you. Tell us your expectations, concerns, and motivators. We’ll match your style to the ideal personal trainer, who will provide you with unparalleled, results-driven training, education, and nutritional counseling. Our trainers are degree-certified fitness experts with proven experience. They guide you through every challenge, ensure a positive experience, and promote better quality of life.

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Why Work with Core Progression?

Revolutionary Concept

With our unique approach to personal training we strive to deliver the best personal experience so you can lead a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Facility Memberships

When you become a member at Core Progression you are signing up specifically for personal training. You work directly with a certified personal trainer each and every time you come in that has your goals in mind through every action they take. In addition you receive access to our app that helps you track your nutrition, weight loss and so much more that we update all the time.

Where The End Result Is Results

The first thing that happens with us is your personal consultation, we know you are committed to improving your everyday life or getting ready for that big event when you join Core Progression so we work directly with you to make sure you achieve your goals. This is truly like capturing lightning in a bottle because our members see results.

Low Stress Model

Large, corporate gyms herd you around needing almost 1,500 customers to make quota, whereas Core Progression actually sees you as an individual. This takes the pressure of finding hundreds of customers away and allows us to be more individualized working with you. Why should you feel like you are sold amazing promises only to be stressed that you are not seeing results?

Our Testimonials
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Who we are looking for
Passion for Change

We like to work with those individuals that want to change. We unfortunately cannot help you see results if you are not interested in putting in the work. You may want to loose 5lbs or 100lbs, you may want to tone down or get ready for an event; anyone looking to change is who we want to work with.

Health and Fitness

Nutrition is a large part of the journey, on top of putting in the work at Core Progression we will build a plan for you through our app to keep you moving forward and seeing results. If you are tired of not moving the needle you are ready!

Friendly and Outgoing

We have built an amazing community within all of our Core Progression facilities. We want to make sure you have the best experience and that means coming in ready to work towards your goals every time you come in.

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