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Jon Cerf Pioneers the Growth of Core Progression

A graduate of Baylor University, Jon Cerf had plans to continue onto Med-School. However, some part-time work in the landscaping industry during high school introduced him to the rewards of independent business and led to a new life path.

The Beginning of a Core Progression Fitness Center

While employed at a big-box gym, Cerf noticed the dissatisfaction of clients. Most lacked the knowledge, direction, and motivation to achieve their goals, leading to a rapid turnover of membership. Medical School was quickly forgotten, as Cerf saw a missing necessity in the fitness marketplace and began to form the idea for Core Progression Elite Personal Training Elite Training.

Professional Personal Training & Wellness Services

Cerf opened the first small studio in a rented facility in 2010. A focus on personalized attention combined both physical and mental health and well-being. Taking personal training still further, the business offers massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and weight loss/nutrition counseling. Programs are designed to meet the specific goals of the client, and each client works with a personal trainer suited to their personality. This innovative concept not only distinguishes Core Progression Elite Personal Training from traditional fitness centers, but resonates with the clientele. Their success translates into a rapidly growing business.

Determined to avoid pitfalls, Cerf contacted the SBDC before moving forward. Since then, Core Progression Elite Personal Training has expanded into franchising and currently includes three corporate owned locations and ten franchised locations. The corporate sites are centered in the Denver area, with potential franchised studios looking to open across the country, including Florida, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, California, Oregon, and Massachusetts. The five-year goal is a total of fifty combined corporate and franchise locations. Learn more about this success story with the Colorado SBDC.

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