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Our recovery services offer a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience for individuals looking to optimize their post-workout recovery and enhance overall mobility and well-being. Our program combines three key elements: table stretching and mobility, percussion massage therapy, and compression therapy utilizing our state-of-the-art Normatec compression boots.

Table stretching and mobility sessions are designed to increase flexibility, range of motion, and relieve muscle tension. Our skilled professionals use various stretching techniques and exercises to target specific muscle groups, release tightness, and promote improved mobility. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance or simply seeking relief from everyday stress and strain, our table stretching and mobility sessions can help restore balance and enhance overall movement.

Percussion massage therapy is a highly effective technique that utilizes targeted vibrations to penetrate deep into muscles and soft tissues. This therapy helps to alleviate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and enhance blood circulation. Our experienced therapists employ specialized percussion devices to deliver rapid and rhythmic pulses, promoting relaxation, pain relief, and accelerated recovery. The result is a revitalizing and therapeutic experience that promotes overall muscle and tissue health.

Our Normatec compression boots take recovery to the next level. These innovative devices utilize pneumatic compression technology to apply gentle pressure to the lower limbs, promoting increased blood flow and lymphatic circulation. The rhythmic compression helps flush out metabolic waste, reduce inflammation, and accelerate muscle recovery. The boots are adjustable to accommodate individual needs, and the comfortable compression promotes relaxation while supporting optimal recovery.

By integrating table stretching and mobility, percussion massage therapy, and compression therapy using our Normatec compression boots, our recovery services offer a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to optimize their recovery process. Whether you’re an athlete seeking to improve performance, a fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your overall well-being, or someone recovering from an injury or physical strain, our recovery services provide the perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and targeted therapy to help you achieve your recovery goals and maintain peak physical condition.

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