Looking to have some of your favorite pasta dishes without the added carbs and calories? Try using zucchini noodles!

Zucchini makes the perfect light side dish for a heavy meal: One cup of sliced zucchini has about 19 calories. That’s 40% to 50% lower than the same serving size for other low-cal green veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Zucchini is one of the most versatile vegetables out there. It can be served grilled, baked in fries, or even as a pasta – which at the moment, is our favorite way to eat it. Zucchini can easily be turned into pasta with a couple of very inexpensive kitchen tools – we recommend the spiralizer.

(Link for spiralizer)

From a nutritional perspective, it has a good amount of potassium – 295 milligrams per cup – which is linked to reduced risk of stroke and heart attack. It is also high in vitamin C, which helps to lower blood pressure and protects against clogged arteries.