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“I was told by two plastic surgeons that I would need a tummy tuck after having my 2 kids and losing my baby weight. Not only has Core Progression helped me avoid surgery and flatten my stomach through exercise and diet changes, I have lost 6% body fat and I am well on my way to being in the best shape of my life. Jon Cerf is an amazing trainer who understands how to work with women in order to achieve the best results. I highly recommend working with Jon or any of the trainers at Core Progression.”
Stephanie Lindquist
“Jon helped me get back into shape after having my first child. He is a genius when it comes to body sculpting. He has a plan for getting you in the best shape of your life and is incredibly creative with the exercises he choose to use. I’ve never done the same workout twice and the workouts are always progressive. You will start to notice subtle, and then, big changes in your body. One day, you will wake up and you will look amazing. Jon is also very kind, funny and compassionate which makes each session fly by. I credit Jon with helping me feel my most confident ever – and saying that at 36 years old, and 8 months after having a baby is pretty remarkable!”
Elizabeth Janowski
“My fitness journey began one year ago with the thought in mind that I had to do something to change my life; I could not imagine myself in this body anymore. So with a lot of heart and desire, I started on my journey and a year and half later I am 130 pounds lighter; down 14.6% body fat; and 55 total inches lost!

Very early in this journey I met my personal trainer, Jon Cerf, who also became a friend. With his guidance and expertise I was able to accomplish my goal in a short amount of time. On top of that, he helped me correct muscle imbalances which has helped relieved my back pain. I’m glad I took the leap and chose Core Progression to accomplish my goals.”

Justin Spencer
“In the past nine months I have lost 7 inches and 25 lbs – all with the help of Jon Cerf’s Core Progression Training! I must admit however that I didn’t set out to achieve such lofty goal. In fact my primary goal was to strengthen my core (at the insistence of my chiropractor) to help relieve chronic lower back pain … and if I could also lose some weight and just get in shape overall that would be wonderful too. To my amazement, Jon Cerf’s personal training (and a lot of hard work on my part!) has done more than that.

I’m now in better shape in my 40′s than I was in my 20′s. While I weigh closer to what I did twenty years ago, my body shape has changed and I’m now wearing smaller sized clothing than I ever have in my life. More importantly I feel so much better and my my back pain has significantly reduced, my cholesterol decreased by 40 points as well. I have more energy and I’m stronger physically as well.”


*Results may vary.


*Results may vary.


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