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Helpful Tips for Working Out in the Heat

We all look forward to the beautiful summer weather. Sunshine and blue skies encourage us to get outside and start working on getting fit. It’s the ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as cycling, swimming, kayaking, and hiking. However, high temperatures and humidity can create unique challenges.

Stay Safe When Exercising in Hot Weather

If you’ve decided to lace up, head out, and start walking, jogging, or participating in outdoor sports, it’s important to take some simple precautions to protect yourself.

Tips for Staying Comfortable When Exercising Outdoors This Summer

  • Dress in the right clothing and gear. While cotton and spandex are affordable and readily available, these fabrics trap heat and sweat. For hot weather, choose light-colored, moisture wicking tanks and shorts designed specifically for exercise and hot weather conditions. Keeping your skin dry and feeling cooler leads to a better workout. Consider a hat or sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the sun, and don’t forget the high SPF sunscreen.
  • Time your workout to avoid the worst heat of the day. Set your alarm a little earlier and take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures or hold off until the evening hours when temperatures drop. In addition to the cooler weather, exercising first thing boosts metabolism and encourages a more productive day, while an evening activity can help to burn off that sluggish feeling after dinner. If you don’t have time to complete your goals before work or bed, why not split the workout? Go for a short run in the morning and hop on your bike at sunset, rather than suffering the heat at lunch time.
  • Choose shady locations. Look for tree-lined trails and stay away from asphalt that absorbs and holds the heat.
  • Make hydration a priority. When you sweat, you lose water, so it’s important to hydrate more than normal on the days you work out. We recommend always carrying a water bottle or hydration pack. Not only will you perform better if you stay properly hydrated, but you’ll also avoid the many negative (and potentially dangerous) side effects that can come from dehydration.

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