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Get Personalized Fitness Training & Scientific Testing to Maintain Your Health

At Core Progression Elite Personal Training, we are more than just a gym. We are a personalized training center that cares about your goals, your health, and your safety. During these uncertain times, we are adapting our facilities to fit YOUR needs. In addition to our regular state-of-the-art personal training, at Core Progression, we will provide you with various methods of scientific testing, including:

  • In-depth cardiovascular testing
  • Structural assessment
  • Pain management assistance

Skeletal System

The above testing will include giving you a baseline for your cardiovascular pulmonary systems, performing a skeletal assessment to make sure that any muscular imbalances can be addressed, and more. Maintaining your health now is more important than ever, and we are committed to helping you all the way!


Fill out the form below to provide us with information about the type of testing that you’re looking to receive.

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