Core Progression 6 Week Challenge and Core Updates!

//Core Progression 6 Week Challenge and Core Updates!

Core Progression 6 Week Challenge and Core Updates!

Six-Week Challenge Recap!

In case you hadn’t heard, or aren’t a class member at Core Progression, we run intermittent 6-Week Challenges with new members! What does the 6-week challenge include? It includes attending 18 classes over the course of six weeks, before and after progress pics from three different angles, before and after body fat and circumference measurements, AND nutrition counseling. The person who sees the MOST change in pictures, circumference and body fat measurements, coupled with stellar attendance wins and gets their money back!

The challenge began in the middle of August and ended at the end of September. Many of our participants saw awesome changes. We are so proud of all of our participants that made the decision to become a healthier version of themselves! So many of the participants of this challenge decided to keep their progress going and have joined our classes or signed on to work with a trainer.

Some ladies who deserve honorable mention for their before and after pictures are Jill, Kathy, and Meghan.

Jill lost 10 pounds in addition to her awesome before and after photos. She also signed on for unlimited classes!

Kathy lost five inches in her circumference measurements and decided to keep up with classes as well as one on one training sessions. Kathy is two years out from a knee replacement and has done a great job overcoming that obstacle.

Meghan also saw fantastic results and is now working with one of our trainers in addition to continuing with classes.

Seth, our winner, lost 10 lbs, 4% body fat, and over 12.25 circumference inches! Those results are totally insane and we can’t wait to see the changes he makes over the course of his membership with Core Progression. His progress pics are great too!

What we like MOST about our challenge is how many challengers decide to keep their progress going. Some of our class members are still around from our first challenge which we ran over a year ago, which is incredible!

Upcoming Core Holiday Challenge

Are you looking to take your training to the next level? Do you have issues with staying on track over the holidays and have a tendency to overeat and let your workouts become few and far between?

Core Progression is going to be holding a fall fitness challenge to keep our clients and members from plateauing or stalling through the Holiday Season. The six challenge will begin the week of Thanksgiving and go until the end of the year. It will include before and after pictures, circumference and body fat measurements, and participation in workouts outside of when you attend workouts in the gym. The results will be based a little bit differently, as they are based on your PERSONAL goals., whatever they may be. We have many clients who have goals of putting on muscle and/or gaining weight as well as clients who are looking to change their body composition and lose weight. We will be taking these different goals into account.

The entry fee is $10.00 per person and we haven’t yet decided on a prize for the winner, but last year it was Broncos tickets. The real prize for us though, was our winner, Laura, who saw a change of over 7% body fat in just 6 short weeks! She worked incredibly hard and we had a really hard time picking a winner!

If accountability is your problem, we can help you fix it! Ask about the challenge for more details!