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What Makes Core’s Classes Different

From the moment you step foot in one of our gyms, you’ll feel at home. The reason we call ourselves ‘Elite’ is because we know what it takes to get results. Our fitness classes are led by Denver’s best trainers who have college degrees. They’ve spent 4 years learning and understanding the body on a cellular level on top of practical experience. Our group instructors are passionate about health and fitness.

At Core Progression, we developed a group fitness program that yields RESULTS on multiple levels. Our coaches fixate on form to prevent injury and promote effective workouts. You’ll leave every day feeling like you learned something new. We are experts at modifications so you’ll never feel like you are out of place. If you are a beginner, we have options for each and every exercise so you don’t feel intimidated, yet still get a good workout. If you’re advanced, we will be constantly pushing your body’s limits because that is where the result magic is! You’ll want to come back every day because no workout is ever the same. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself quickly become a part of Core Progression’s special community.

Don’t believe us? Your first class is always free so stop in and see for yourself!

Meet Our Fitness Staff

Erica Clarkson

Erica has been passionate about health and fitness from the get go. She grew up an athlete and a dancer and loves to help others achieve their fitness goals. She has a special interest in group fitness and is the cornerstone of Core Progression’s group class program. As a Kansas University graduate with a Biochemistry degree, Erica understands the body on a deeper level and is able to help anyone get results!

Our Fitness Instructors:

Kyle O'DonnellKyle has been training for over 7 years now and weight loss and overall health are his focus and speciality. He grew up in South Florida near the beach where he actively played competitive sports such as baseball, basketball, beach volleyball and soccer. Kyle’s favorite part about training is watching his clients build confidence in themselves while reaching their fitness goals, and seeing the results carry over into their everyday life. The most enjoyable form of working out for him is hiking and anything outdoors. Staying active and working out is important to Kyle for an over all better wellbeing, but mostly so he can eat all the pizza he wants.

KellyKelly grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where she fell in love with sports, specializing in swimming, lacrosse, and water polo. Kelly graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Dietetics and a B.S. in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. Kelly developed her passion for fitness by becoming a group exercise instructor at Purdue, where she taught cycle, yoga, Insanity, body sculpt, and tabata. As an ACSM personal trainer, specializing in strength and conditioning, she loves helping people reach a new level of fitness. And she is excited to share my passion and knowledge in nutrition and fitness to help you achieve your goals!




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