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"You have the 1:1 benfits of working with skilled trainers and arent paying exorbitant prices."
-Diana F.
"The personal trainers know what they're doing. Much better than trainers at 24 hour. I'm on a gain plan and have gained 12 lbs of muscle in just shy of 14 weeks."
-Dan E.
"If you are looking to shake up your workouts - this is the place. I've been thrilled with the personal training and the results I am seeing."
-Dena W.
"I have been working out at Core Progression for amost a year now. Josh is amazing, keeps the workouts fun and always changing. Great place!"
-Jodie M.
"My mental and physical health has changed completely in just a few short weeks with Core Progression... nothing short of life changing. Can’t wait to keep things moving in the right direction!"
-Parris L.
"Blown away by the high level of people, training and atmosphere at this gym. Exactly what I was looking for to help kickstart my fitness journey... I’ve lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks, so happy with my decision and excited for the coming months with Core!"
-Gavin D.
"Wonderful Gym Atmosphere! Very welcoming when I walked in, and they’ve built a terrific community amongst the other clients at the gym!"
-Austin A.
"Never been happier! Core Progression has completely turned my life around in a positive way both mentally and physically. So excited to see what I can achieve in the coming months... THANK YOU!!!"
-Heather C.
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We're proud to offer the services of a team that represents the highest level of professionalism and expertise within their fields. This includes personal trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and nutrition specialists.

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Weight Loss, Personal Trainer & Personal TrainingCentral Park, Denver, CO, Lowry, City Park, Hilltop, Northfield & Glenade, CO

Welcome to the Central Park Denver, Colorado, location of Core Progression Elite Personal Training, where fitness gets personal. Whether you’re looking for muscle gain, weight loss, toning, or better overall health and quality of life, we check every box. We achieve results by taking an innovative approach to training with programs tailored to specific goals and needs. We aren’t about fads, shocks to the system, or temporary achievements. We look to deliver sustainable success.

We target your specific goals and develop a plan that challenges, encourages, and accomplishes objectives, from wellness and recovery programs to sports training, bridal fitness, pageant preparation, and corporate wellness. Core Progression Elite Personal Training is more than a gym. Our methods are supported by state-of-the-art facilities, certified training professionals, and scientific testing. Pain management assistance, structural assessment, in-depth cardiovascular testing, and nutrition programs are some of the extra steps we take to make a difference.

Adapting a training regiment to suit your strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate aspirations works to jump hurdles along the way. Each session is based on a plan that builds toward the long-term goal. Consistency creates a performance-oriented routine where data shows progress, generates momentum, and motivates. You not only know why you stepped inside our modern training facility, you understand the reason for each exercise and follow the shortest path to get to the best possible you.

"I love this place! The staff is welcoming and encouraging. The gym can be an intimidating place but not at core, I always feel motivated and comfortable there.
-Natalie C.

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